Correct fabric for clothing: see which fabric is suitable for each type of part

Choosing the right fabric for clothing already guarantees a 50% chance that the piece will work. The fabric influences the final comfort of the piece and the trim in modeling, but also the texture and perception about the piece from the point of view of creation. The trends of passareles are indications of what will be used next season, being widely used as references to standards

, embroidery and colors.

The tissues vary according to their raw materials, and may have the weft more closed or more open, be heavier or lighter, depending on how the wires were interwoven.

So we’ve parted some tips for you to get to choose the right fabric for clothing according to the garments.

blouses: cashmere and silk. Cashmere is a thin wool and soft texture, obtained from the hair of goats from the region of Kashmir, being very pleasant to the touch. Silk is considered the most noble fabric, because it is a natural fiber obtained from the production of the larvae of the moth, popularly called The Silkworm, and its yarn offers resistance, softness and fineness.

skirts and dresses: wool crepe for winter and chambray for summer. The wool crepe has a nice texture for the cold climate and is comfortable, having a great trim by having a thinner fabric. The chambray is similar to jeans, but its composition of a blend of cotton and indigo yarn makes the piece light and enjoyable for summer.

coats: twill and tweed. The twill is a more structured fabric and offers good trim, being excellent for any climate, much used in uniforms. The Tweed is a more rustic fabric, made of carded wool, being very sturdy and durable, much used for winter and popularized by Coco Chanel.

Party clothing: crepe georgette and chiffon. The crepe georgette has fabric with granular texture and has good trim, being used in party dresses since 1910. The chiffon makes the piece very delicate, made from silk or other fibers, is usually transparent.

Children’s clothing: Flannel and Cambrai. Flannel is a very comfortable type of fabric and has soft touch, being made of carded wool, can be smooth or chess. The Cambraia is a fabric of cotton or linen, light and thin, originating from the city of Cambrai in France, which guarantees delicacy the piece.

There is no more right and wrong in the fashion world. This phrase may not be an absolute truth. Choosing the right fabric for clothing or more suitable allows the developed part to have a better acceptance and result in good sales!


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