How to combine fabrics, patterns and colors in your home

For the decoration of any convenience it is essential that there is harmony between all the decorative elements. Of the elements that most stand out, the curtains and other fabrics, no doubt, that are the most important, and when poorly combined can completely ruin the décor of a space.

For this reason, some caution is important in choosing them, analyzing what patterns and colors combine best together and in each type of environment.

So in today’s article we will show you some ideas of how to conjugate the curtains with the other fabrics used in the decoration of the environment.

Mix stripes with other patterns
This is probably one of the combinations that more questions can generate. Combining two distinct patterns requires some art, so that the environment does not get too full or unharmonious. Among the rules that should take into account when combining these distinct patterns, the one that never fails is even choose to keep the combination with colors in common. If the curtain is red with stripes, for example, then the sofa cushions may be of flowering pattern, but with the presence also of the same shade of red. In this way there is a continuity and a common link between all the elements.

Conjugate stamped and smooth
This combination is simpler than the previous one, but it also takes some care to be well applied. The key is that the flat tones are the same as the pattern of the curtain or vice versa. The next image is an excellent example of what we’re talking about. The floral pattern of the curtain features some shades of brown, white and red, which are brilliantly conjugated with the pads of various shapes and sizes in the tones mentioned. This consistency gives the decoration immense elegance and sophistication.

Decorate with shades of blue
Combining several shades of soft blue is easy since they can be used in any kind of decoration and combine well with everything. In case you want to use darker shades of blue, then you must have a contrast in the environment, so as not to get too heavy. For example, smooth the darker blue tones with the feature of the shades of white and beige. The blue is also a cold color, so a touch of red or pink will give a little more personality to the decoration.

Decorate with shades of red
Also red is a very popular color in the decoration of a house. So it is not surprising that you choose to put curtains or other fabrics of this color in any room in the house. However, as red is a very strong color it is necessary to be very cautious in its combination. The red combines very well with larger rooms. In the case of small environments opt for fabrics with reduced or linear patterns. The red also combines with white and black.

Decorate with natural tones
Earth tones combine with different decorating styles and transmit a lot of luminosity to any environment. The simplest clear and printed tones should be used on the larger surfaces. The darker tones combine well with both the blue and the white tone.


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